We keep retirement planning simple by offering our services with no worries, no fees, and continued communication and education. Our guiding principles at Sachs Financial are to Protect your Money from market declines, Strive for a reasonable return that accomplishes your goals, and Simplify the process so our clients have an understanding of the programs we use.
Retirement Strategies
While most people tend to just focus on accumulating enough money to retire, we offer strategies that can address several concerns when creating income including protecting your principal, outliving your money, and tax sensitive strategies.
An annuity is a long-term, tax-deferred vehicle designed for retirement. It’s also an insurance contract that can be used to guarantee a stream of income or to protect your principal. Annuities can be a great retirement tool.

Life Insurance & Long Term Care

Life insurance can be used to help transfer your wealth to the next generation. There are also policies that combine life insurance with long term care insurance. These policies can pay for long-term care that regular health insurance or Medicare won’t cover. And if you don’t use all of the long-term care benefits, the insurer pays a benefit to your beneficiary upon your death.
IRA & 401K Rollovers
Eligible distributions from qualified retirement plans can be rolled over without incurring any tax penalties and assets remain invested tax-deferred. Consolidating multiple employer-sponsored retirement plan can make it easier to allocate and monitor your retirement assets.
Fee Analysis
We can perform an analysis and benchmarking of your current plans investment lineup and plan fees for no-charge.